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Swedish-Turkish Business Cooperation (STBC)

To pave a way for cooperation between Turkish and Swedish business people…

Aims and Perspectives of STBC:
• Become a Forum where the members can develop and enlarge their business, as well as get an opportunity for external markets
• Constitute the targets oriented to self-improvement of enterprises by evaluating potentials in our business world
• Keep the global communication network open and provide our businessmen's integration with the world following the economic developments of the whole world
• Share the knowledge, experience and business relations to meet the needs of the members for their national and international activities
• Establish business cooperation for Swedish business people or entrepreneurs willing to expand their business to Turkey
• Meet the member’s need for service and knowledge as rapidly and directly as possible and without trouble by evaluating with the experts on the issue With this aims and visions, the STBC is targeting to serve both the Turkish and Swedish business people.